Do You Secretly Panic About Your Child’s Writing Skills?

Hi, all!

Kendra Hadnott, here. I’m a private writing tutor, as well as a published children’s author. I started KHOOL Tutoring because of the overwhelming feedback from parents who were saying things like:

“The amount of run-ons in my child’s writing scares me. I’m worried he won’t be prepared for the future.”

“They just don’t teach the fundamentals of essay writing like they used to.”

“My kid hates reading.”

If any of that sounds familiar, I can help you.

There isn’t a profession out there that doesn’t use writing as some form of communication (if you don’t believe me, check out my “Reading is Fundamental” speech to the Chicago Public School system here). Children who hone their written communication skills from an early age often become effective communicators in their adult life—a select few may even become master negotiators. Being able to write well is a valuable skill…KHOOL Tutoring ensures that your child has it.

My one-on-one online tutoring service comes with a few guarantees:

  • a customized plan that’s tailored to your child’s learning style and interests
  • a learning assessment that gives an overview of strengths and goals for addressing weaknesses
  • a free 30-minute tutoring session to see if online tutoring is the right choice for you

All sessions take place in the Oak Park, IL or Aurora, IL areas, as well as online.

About Kendra

Current and Former Experience:

  • Private writing tutor
  • Author of 7 books
  • K – 12 Bloomboard education expert
  • Sixth grade teacher
  • Huntington Learning Center tutor
  • Site Director for an educational before and after school program
  • Writer for Disney-themed educational e-books and games
  • Writer for standardized test passages

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