What are your rates?

I charge $75 an hour to boost your child’s grade level with just 12 hours of instruction. I am a specialist in the field of writing. If your child were suffering with severe aches and pains, would you bargain shop for the cheapest doctor, or would you shop for the doctor who’s going to get you true results and stop the pain? A deficiency in reading and/or writing will negatively affect children in the future. I have kept children from having to attend summer school, receiving final grades of F, and even from being held back a grade. I do this by accepting a limited number of students so that I can customize every syllabus, homework assignment, assessment, and quiz. Everything is based on your child’s specific interests and learning style. I am comparable to the doctor that can stop the pain in a short time.

Where is KHOOL Tutoring located? 

Most of my tutoring sessions are done online so that I’m able to work with students from all different time zones and locations. If students are able and my schedule permits, I also hold in-person tutoring sessions in the Oak Park, IL and Aurora, IL areas.

What subjects do you tutor?

I tutor both writing and reading to children who are ages 5-17.

Are you really able to boost children’s reading or writing skills by a full grade level in 12 weeks?

Absolutely. I use Common Core (or specific state standards) to ensure that your child’s skill set is where it should be. There are a few exceptions to this rule. Students who have severe learning disabilities, are inconsistent with showing up to tutoring sessions, or refuse to complete assignments may have to go a little longer than 12 weeks. However, the average student improves in 12 weeks.

What makes you better than Sylvan or Huntington Learning Center?

I was a tutor at Huntington Learning Center for years before I left to teach on my own. There were some concerning things about Huntington’s instruction that I vowed to change in my own business model. Here’s what’s different about KHOOL Tutoring:

  • Fewer hours of instruction: Most learning centers boast about being able to boost children’s grades in 36 hours. I can boost grades in a third of that time.
  • Personalized lesson plans: Although a lot of learning centers claim to have personalized tutoring plans for each student, these are actually cookie cutter plans with pre-made text and ready-to-use learning material. I use your child’s interests and learning style to craft an individualized syllabus with original learning material. This makes learning more fun for students while I get to learn about some pretty interesting hobbies and interests!
  • Private instruction: Online students have the privilege of learning from the comfort of their own home while in-person students will enjoy a private study room for sessions. Unlike some of the bigger name learning centers, your child will never be in a hectic or noisy room with other tutors and children.
  • Same tutor for every session: At Huntington Learning Center, I worked with different children every week. At KHOOL Tutoring, your child will always be tutoring with me. I believe that it’s easier to form a bond this way, and I honestly think it’s a lot of fun seeing the changes and progression in children from week to week!